About Us

We are a team of young and ambitious people who feel committed to the betterment of our global living standards and the sustainability of the Earth, as our future and the future of the coming generations is in our hands. 

We honestly think that the tiniest act of kindness or a simple behavior- or habit change can induce something greater than us. There is nothing like “too small” when it comes to the rescue of wildlife, humanity or the environment. Even though it seems that one person cannot make a big difference, we believe that if thousands or millions of individuals act together for a greater cause, we are able to move mountains.

Patricia Green Planet Aid

Patricia Horvath – Director of Green Planet Aid

The director of Green Planet Aid uses her own personal resources to keep the organization going, and she doesn’t get any commission off from the contributions. We are primarily using Facebook Fundraisers to support different global causes, which makes it impossible to take any percentage off from the contributions. Apart from that, all of those donations that arrive at the account of Green Planet Aid non-profit, go directly to the supported organization after the fundraising period is over.

If you agree with our business policy, practices and mission, come and join us on this journey to make the world a safer and healthier place.