Let’s save critically endangered amur leopards

Let’s save critically endangered amur leopards
Let’s save critically endangered amur leopards

If you are a big cat lover, you must know about the critically endangered amur leopards. There are only around 100 adult in the wild, which makes them the rarest cats living in the wild.

Amur leopards live in the forests of China and Russia, however unsustainable and illegal logging, farming, wildfires, and constructions decreased their territory to an alarmingly low area. These practices not only threaten their natural habitat, but decrease the amount of prey they depend on, which nonetheless leads to their starvation.

Their population has not only been threatened by the above-mentioned issues, but also because they were mercilessly hunted for their wonderful and precious fur by illegal wildlife traders. All of these practices have drifted the species to the verge of extinction

“Amur leopards are top predators in their landscape, so they’re crucial role for keeping the right balance of species in their area. That also affects the health of the forests and wider environment, which provides local wildlife and people with food, water and other resources.” – WWF

Conservation is key

We cannot save amur leopards without talking about conservation efforts. Establishing conservational areas and national parks with active anti-poaching patrols are necessary to stop illegal hunters and wildlife traders. Furthermore, the development and support of captive breeding centers are crucial, because they can help to nurture the second generation of amur leopards.

Without these non-profit organizations, and their day-to-day hassle against uncontrolled economic expansion we would lose these marvelous creatures in years.

How can you help?

Our personal responsibility is to keep these research-, and breeding centers, and conservation areas working by supporting their day-to-day operations financially. As most of these non-profit organizations cover their expenses from donations, we need to aid them as much as we can.

Those who want to do something to bring the amur leopard population back to its old grandeur can offer donations we will collect and directly transfer to their account, without taking any commission off.