Stop starvation in Africa

Stop starvation in Africa
Stop starvation in Africa

Africa is experiencing the most devastating famine in 60 years. The Eastern-African population is suffering from famine from time to time, though according to the report of the United Nations, they haven’t seen the scarcity of food at this extent in decades.

What causes the problem and how severe it is?

This long-lasting drought has been caused by the phenomenon called the “La Nina”, which is a strong west wind that blows wet air towards Asia and Australia from above the Indian Ocean and leaves behind a painful drought in Africa.

Due to the arid weather, there is a huge scarcity of food, as Africans lost most of their crops they’ve been cultivating. Moreover, this situation also resulted in an increase in food prices, which puts thousands of people in a miserable situation. They cannot afford to put food on the table anymore for their family members.

What is more, the civil war going on in Somalia just casts an even darker light on the situation, as many Islamist groups are blockading the route of supply.

Malnutrition is the cause of millions of deaths all over the world on a yearly basis. In many parts of the African continent, like Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia, around 50% of the population is suffering from malnutrition. 100 million people have protein deficiency due to infrequent and inadequate alimentation, out of which 30-40 million are children. Another 150 million are suffering from iron deficiency, while around 60 million from the lack of iodine.

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What can we do to help tackle starvation in Africa?

We want to show people that we need to take care of each other. If you are in a position where you don’t have to struggle to make ends meet and you want to help African children to live a healthier life, there is a way. We started a fundraiser for UNICEF UK, a globally accepted, prestigious non-profit organization aiming to tackle the suffering of children from all around the world.

What UNICEF UK does to help people in need?

  1. Vaccinates children – 23 million people so far, and counting
  2. Educates people in need
  3. Delivers essential supplies, like food, clean water, water purifiers, medicine
  4. In 2017, they’ve saved the lives of 4 million kids by providing life-saving food

How can you help?

We are actively raising funds for the UNICEF UK until the 20th of July. Green Planet Aid, as a non-profit organization, uses its own funds to promote Facebook fundraisers to broaden its reach and to raise awareness of humanitarian issues, like starvation in Africa.

If you also feel committed to help people in need, donate to us until the end of the fundraising period. We will collect all donations and directly transfer the complete amount, without taking any commission off.

We can make a difference together! Your donation can make a young child smile for a couple of days!