Supply hospitals with medical aid

Supply hospitals with medical aid
Supply hospitals with medical aid

Coronavirus is a new deadly disease that was officially proclaimed as a pandemic by the WHO in March 2020. It is a disease that mainly attacks the lungs and causes severe respiratory problems.

As of today, 04.21.2020, there are more than 2.397.000 confirmed cases al around the globe, with a number of 162 956 deaths. The virus is especially dangerous to the elderly, but this does not mean that younger people can’t get it. In fact, youngsters or children can carry the virus without showing any symptoms, while infecting their elderly relatives or friends.

Most governments are doing their best to stop the spread of the virus, in order to keep the number of hospitalized people low, not to overload the health system. As all countries around the world are experiencing a shortage of medical gear, it is now more important than ever to take care of one another and help out the hospitals either with masks, gloves or ICU beds.

In many hospitals, like in Italy, there are not enough respirators, which makes the doctors and nurses’ jobs harder to save the lives of others. Now is the time to act, and help out those non-profit organizations that have sufficient connections to supply the hospitals and healthcare workers in need.

How can we help in the global fight against coronavirus?

We honestly think that by financially helping non-profit organizations, who has a demonstrated historical activity of doing good globally, can help stop the spread of the dangerous virus and can save thousands of lives. This is why we want to direct people’s attention to the activities of the World Health Organization, who now needs more support than ever.

What does the WHO do to tackle the coronavirus?

  1. Facilitates research and development of vaccines
  2. Buys and ships PPE to hospitals
  3. Provides transparent information to the public
  4. Helps countries to respond to the health crisis

You can contribute to the work of the WHO by a donation that helps them to keep up their job even within these stressful circumstances.

At Green Planet Aid we use the online methods at hand to raise awareness to exemplary organizations, like the WHO or the UNICEF, and issues they support. We collect funds for them and we send the untouched amount at the end of the fundraising period directly to their account. We are committed to making a change in the way we live in order to create a more sustainable future for our children and grandchildren, and many other generations to come. Paying attention to our environment now and giving assistance to green companies is predominant to keep humanity and our globe safe.