Wildlife rehabilitation in Australia

Wildlife rehabilitation in Australia
Wildlife rehabilitation in Australia

January 2020. The fire affecting Australia is considered the most devastating and deadly ever seen.

Destructions caused by the bushfires

The fire affected more than one-third of the continent, especially the southern areas, which are famous for the so-called Kangaroo-island. It used to be a green paradise for kangaroos and other marsupial animals.

Professionals estimated the number of dead animals due to the bushfires over 1 billion, which grows even higher when considering microorganisms, plants, insects, funguses, birds, etc. It has not only put several animal species on the verge of extinction or being endangered but threatens the survival of complete ecosystems.

It can easily happen that the Australian fires annihilated dozens of bug species we haven’t yet know about, as biologists and scientists only discovered 20-30% of all Australian insects so far.

Kangaroo-island has really distinct wildlife, as it gave home to many unique subspecies that do not live anywhere else on the world, like the black cockatoo with a total number of 400 birds.

According to the Ecologist of the La Trobe University in Melbourne, Michael Clarke, animals are now facing 3 different kinds of challenges:

  1. finding shelter, as their natural habitat shrank to a small segment of its original size
  2. finding food due to scarce sources
  3. evading predators

How to restore Australian wildlife?

Rehabilitation of the affected areas may take up to ten years, which threatens the survival of the ecosystem and numerous species alike. This is why we chose to collect donations to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors whose team works hard every day:

  1. to save the wounded animals in their hospitals,
  2. to give them shelter until they fight for their life
  3. to help animals and humans live side-by-side with each other due to urbanization
  4. to rescue wounded animals, or those who have lost their source of food, their home, and family
  5. to conserve the koala population, who have already lost more than 80% of safe habitat to deforestation

How can you help?

We are actively raising funds for the Australian Zoo Wildlife Warriors until the 20th of July. Green Planet Aid, as a non-profit organization, uses its own funds to promote Facebook fundraisers to broaden its reach and to raise awareness of global issues like the Australian bushfires.

If you also feel committed to aiding the rehabilitation of the environment and the conservation of many animal species, donate to us until the end of the fundraising period. We will collect all donations and directly transfer the complete amount, without taking any commission off, to the Australian Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

Help us restore the beauty and the health of the Australian biodiversity!

Source: Saeed Khan